Pebble Art

All the pebble pictures you are about to see, are unique in every way. There are a few similar on other websites, but these are totally unique and available only on this site. There are single pictures, matched pairs and matched quads, so if you like to decorate your home with a few pictures, you have a good choice of something special and certainly conversation starters!

Faberge Eggs

I make the fabulous Faberge Eggs, using real goose eggs. They are sliced, hinged and decorated with Diamante and pearls amongst other types of decoration. Each egg, as in the Faberge collection, contains some sort of surprise but you will see some of those in the section all about eggs

Carved Ostrich eggs

I carve the Ostrich, Rhea and Emu eggs, using a power carver, as dremel type machines are far too slow. The power carver spins at around 350,000 revolutions per minute, so even the hardest shell melts like butter using this tool. I use this tool to either pierce the eggs fully, or surface carve the designs.

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