Tables and tabletops

Each of these tables, is a unique, one of a kind side table and not available anywhere else in the world!

It is made primarilyfrom Eucalyptus wood as a slice from the tree, then it is routed out to the desired shape, then filled with tiny blocks of different kinds of wood, to make the shapes you see here now.

The woods used are Eucalyprtus, Mahogany, Pine, Birch and Wenge wood.

The Eucalyptus produces a deep red colour as seen in the photograph, the other woods make up the complimentary colours.

They are finished in Satin varnish, but could be finished in Gloss if you prefer. There are some aberrations in the wood, but that is only natural and I wouldn't want these piece to look anything else than natural!

The legs are another story, they're made from totally unique pieces of olive wood roots, as the grains go in all different directions wich add to their uniqueness and intrigue.

So, all in all, you could have a piece that nobody else in the world has, or will have, at any time now or in the future. Dimensions are 65cm wide by 55 cm deep. Weight around 15 kilos.

The table top on the right is also a Eucalyptus slice but this time with a geometrice design, again with the larger pieces of Mahogany in the  centre piece, Wenge wood, followed by Mahogany, then Eucalyptus and finally mahogany on the outside. Again, all pieces I make are by hand. (hand-sawn with a japanese pull saw) OK, it is time consuming, but worth the effort, so that's why each piece is unique. Again, aberrations, but really, you wouldn't expect something so perfect without being made by machines, would you? Well, these pieces are entirely by hand. Dimensions are approximately 65 cm wide, by 55 cm deep. Weight approximately 15 kilos.

The table above, pictured on one of the Olive wood roots used as a pedestal to stand the table top on. This is firmly fixed to the table top by means of routing out the shape of the top of the tree root, then using very fast wood glue, then screwing the root into the table top, then plugging the holes where the screws are. So really, without close inspection, you will not find the screw holes or methods of mounting. Total weight approximately 40 kilos.

Olive wood tree root. Certainly a unique shape and sure to generate a conversation as it seemingly shouldn't support the top! Height is approximately 60 cm or 2 feet high

Olive wood root again, but this time, much wider and thicker. Again, approximately 60 cm high and around 35 kilos

Olive wood root, yet again, but this one is a little taller at 70 cm and weighs around 25 kilos.

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