I never knew, that when I started designing and making the Faberge style eggs, it would be so rewarding. I never knew, that when I started making the eggs, I would have broken quite a few. After the last stages in the design and decoration, to have one break is really soul destroying, but adapt and overcome, made a few things to keep eggs protected during all stages of the making and decorating. Eventually, breakages were kept to an absolute minimum. It's still soul destroying, though!

The Blue Egg

This particular egg was made as a commission piece. The lady who commissioned the piece, wanted her initials in diamonds on the base. As I couldn't afford the diamonds, so diamante was used instead. There are four large sapphires on the front of the egg, complimentary to the main colour.

(Not real sapphires, I hasten to add, though it would be nice if they were!)

Blue egg open

The surprise inside is a woven gold wire basket, to contain small items of jewellery such as rings, and ear studs. The basket took me around 10 hours to make and is shaped to fit inside the egg perfectly. I had to remember a lot of my schooldays inmaking basketwork, to finish off the basket to make the edges round.

My first Goose Egg


The very first (complete) egg I made. This was probably around the fourth egg, as the others were broken either due to mishandling or carelessness on my part in the initial cutting stages. Practice makes perfect, as they say! The surprise inside is 4 pictures of the Mona Lisa, in miniature on each of the drop down, hinged panels on all four sides. Look below for the rest of the eggs and some sjurprises.

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