Carved Ostrich, Rhea and Emu Eggs

The eggs you are about to see, reflect many hours of carving using a very fast rotary carving tool. This has to be done either in an open space when breezy, or using a fan or dust extraction device, to remove the very harmful fine dust produced whilst carving. Disregarding these rules, result in many days of coughing. The smell of the dust stays in your nose for days, so be warned if you want to take up this fascinating hobby

Ostrich Egg

Shown here and this picture ia a surface carved Ostrich egg.

The surface carved egg is reminiscent of s Scrimshaw egg. This one has a medieval scene on the whole of the circumference.

Pierced Ostrich Egg

This particular egg is pierced all the way tound with a Celtic design on the back. (which is this side). On the front you will see as you glance through the pictures below.

Rhea Egg

The Rhea egg is slightly smaller than the Ostrich egg, more ovoid in shape like a rugby ball and a delicious light gold colour, although this one is painted white.

Again, below you will see the open version of this egg with rich deep red velvet in the interior

Emu Egg

The Emu egg is really an interesting thing to work with when carving. The outer layer is deep green, the deeper layer is light green or blue and the deepest layer, which gets dangerously close to piercing the egg, is white. So you can really make intyeresting designs without reaching for a paintbrush with these eggs.

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