Hand-Carved walking sticks

All the sticks you see here are all hand carved. That means no Dremel, now power carver, just some fine Swiss Pfeil wood chisels, a large and small rasp file for the barley twist sticks,

Picture 1, going from left to right.

1. The carved head was made from my poor old Avocado tree that didn't survive the winter in the Netherlands.

The root provided the hardwood for the carving of the head. The rest of the stick is Elm.

2. This Elm stick has been inlaid with silver wire and is not yet finished.

3. This Ash stick was an experiment in the different carving techniques used, but on the whole, quite desirable.

4. Again, some hand carving and this time with the addition of some hot iron work - or pyrography. The wood is Elm.

5. Thumb stick with barley twist in its entirety. Made from a brush handle.

6. Elm, carved with all the animals in the forest.

7. Elm, Celtic patterns throughout.

8. Another brush handle, this time tapered and with a turned handle on a forest lathe.

9. Ash, this time with barley twist and carving with pyrography work on the finished article.

10. Thick and very stout Canyon rambling stick with barley twist throughout.

it was warped when I started working on this stick, but it adds to the desirability. Not finished yet, but all sticks

need an owner and finishing to requirements.

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